Atlantis Water Park, Paradise Island, Bahamas | How To Get In For FREE

[Music] here’s a fantastic view of Paradise Island and the famous Atlantis Hotel Casino and Landis is a 147 acre Hotel Casino and waterpark and today I’m gonna show you how to get into free KC walk up to coral towers check in front the front entrance you’re gonna make

a right and you’re gonna walk down a long hallway so here I go just walk in like you own of this headless Convention Center ATM and Beach Tower lots of stores here as you can see it’s a very busy spot as so awhile just walk right in at

the second dolphin fountain which is right here you wanna make a left and we’re going down this hallway Beach Tower Atlantis grandma okay so this is another check-in area I don’t know what it’s called but when you see the concierge make a left and go straight out this

door okay where are we there hi Beach hibiscus Bennion tower Hut hospitality cavern lazy river and cafe bar and grill so we’re gonna walk into this if some fish in it and stuff and at the exit is right at the beach all right it’s a little dark in

here so okay so I made it out of the cave there and then you make a right and you walk right down to the beach all right this is cabbage Beach and it is busy and it is very beautiful no sir got a nice deal thank you guys

uh tell me can right jet skis and they look like sledding okay so I’m walking a damn cabbage beach by going west to the entrance to the water park now all this is part of Atlantis but the water park is of a five minute walk down the beach

here all right see all these towels there’s millions of them it’s part of the hotel package you get you know beach towels so people are lazy and they just leave them on the chairs so what you want to do is grab one of those towels and throw it

over your shoulder there’s millions of them all right I see about three of them up there no one’s around so I’m gonna go and grab one I want to go and grab towel okay so I got me a beach towel just throw it over your shoulder and walk

right in okay here we go [Music] the towels are everywhere [Music] pedestrian traffic only real vehicles literally within re I made it walked right in no problem alright looks like a busy spot over here so tickets are $97 if you’re not staying at the resort and that’s where

they just grab talents free read way to save some money here’s a kid slide [Music] the Rapid River entrance weight Rapid River it’s what I’m looking for I found one of these uh rubber tubes alright I’ll go get the rabbits here alright gonna get out for the next

stop so I hope no one notices my bad forget infantry all gonna hit a wall hmm it’s the end of the ride all right so that bridge looking thing is a a sweet and you can rent it for 15,000 a night so if you guys can afford that

I recommend it highly it’s gotta say this waterpark is probably the best one ever one of the best ones I’ve ever been to anyway okay let’s go this way so I was over here so now I’m gonna go and walk on this side it’s uh apparently a hundred

forty-seven acres so screaming found this under the walkway of the young Joe [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] experience like nowhere else I’ll say this Atlantis Resort is I’ll give it a 10 out of 10 especially when it’s free so anyway I’m taking off now Rina watersports the

great big maple to rides $25 per person banana boat rides 20 per person jet ski rentals is $70 per half-hour 140 for a full hour sightseeing tours and snorkeling $50 a person for one hour you can usually bargain with these guys and get a better price but it

seems to me a little pricey well here’s cabbage Beach well this has been my day here at Lana’s resort hope you enjoyed watching this video like I said just grab a towel walk on in thanks for watching until next time follow us [Music]

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