or in here leading to the Bahamas do looking up reviews endo we’re ready going you and we are here we just landed in an awesome place now off date a taxi and off to our resort we’re super excited we’re going to a couple apparently so we’re going to

serve up at the Warwick pictures in video to come up to and we are here Ocean Resort sunglasses in can’t forget the nice tropical drink got a scorcher a little bit right it is very sunny I think he needs some sunscreen too now we’re off to get a

little bit of a snack I will talk to you all soon you know at the beach at the Warwick and Bahamas so we’re at the pool today unfortunately they close at 6:00 which I find kind of odd so we’ll see what happens when six hits and what kind

of things there is to do so we will see and I’m kind of sad I want to get a glass of wine and I was all yes I’m wearing lipstick but that is not my lip mark no idea whose lip mark that is so so far it’s been

and the weather is gorgeous the staff is really nice the brooms are and I’ll show you guys a little bit of the way to and if we’re to the pool is nice but it’s gonna little bit dirty a lot of sand and sticks underneath but you know what

we’re gonna make it positive we’re gonna have an awesome time it’s fun in the Sun so let’s see what happens [Music] top bathroom a little bit of a mess bed window unfortunately no balcony but not too bad there’s a small fridge inside over here but it’s not stocked

with anything no no soda or goodies or anything like that now off to dinner era now we’re recording and we’re here in our room at the Rio you have our bathroom a standard normal shower which is starting here like shower and then we have live a to bed

here these in here and we got some good coffees – and of course you have a view gorgeous super excited for review that’s one of the pools there’s the other pool which is really cool you can see the ocean from the side and there’s a swim up bar

and of course the ocean so far everything at the Rio has been really nice the staff has been awesome we’ve had our lunch here as well the food was delicious so I totally recommend the food so far again I’ll see what dinner comes around only negative is a

little bit of hackling on the beach but you can use it just say no thank you and they go away I’m excited now it is time for me to hit the gym for a little cardio and I will talk to you all soon and give you a little

bit details on beep dinner [Music] so we’re at the Rio in the Bahamas and these are the gym really fast since I’m walking leave the gym we have a clue sports are over here cool TV and then we have the lobby here of course palm trees and there’s

a coffee bar over there front desk and of course this way to all the restaurants and then outdoors to the beach so far it’s been beautiful here’s a couple of the restaurants here definitely recommend this for the Bahamas and because a little crazy I’m taking the stairs instead

of the elevator got to work for that ice cream with chocolate sauce right so I just came from dinner dinner was amazing I got beef tenderloin it was delicious so so far the real paradise has been awesome burnt and I have been very happy the staff has been

great the food has been amazing our room is great they’re at mini fridge is stocked the balcony the beach so burn and I love love love the beach we love just to go we read on the beach given the water and the water is crystal clear and it’s

really cool you can see the angel fish in the ocean as well and again how can you say no to view like that it’s perfect as the Sun is setting it’s a gorgeous night so I hope you all enjoy my little vacation review trip so again this is

the first two days we got here on Saturday and today’s Monday so you got the warwick the Riu again if I had to choose I would totally choose the Rio so far it’s been amazing so real thumbs up Warwick honesty is the best policy if they’re don’t use

them to you it is well I thank you all for joining me and don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe and you all enjoy your summer and don’t forget Bahamas on the thumbs-up list oh and there’s very few bugs here I’ve

been to Mexico and Dominican I haven’t really seen any mosquitoes actually to be honest no mosquitoes so added bonus or no flies mosquitoes no bees which is always nice so that’s an added benefit with Bahamas and it’s just great in a very very quick flight from New York

to here it was only I think a two hour in 30 minute ride very quick and easy so I definitely recommend it and again thank you again now I am off to enjoy the rest of the night and I will talk to you later bye everyone

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