Luxury Island Resort! Club Paradise Coron

we are mythical buzina antaria beryllium we are traveling around Philippines exploring paradise islands beautiful destinations luxurious resorts and exclusive places this time we are exploring the most beautiful island in the world this is our palawan adventure series bon giorno guys it’s the last day of the Torah and today we will go in a beautiful paradise will be a beautiful beautiful [Music] [Applause] [Music] this is the end of our four days three nights’ expedition tour I hope you was enjoy and on behalf of people of Quran and big dream boatman travel thank you so much [Applause] [Music] by cloud paradise [Music] hey Kuya Zakhar speeding so now we are on your way to a paradise resort and we’re passing through this river filled with macro cars so peaceful it’s so clean [Music] you have 20 to 25 minutes to make good night and also a party for you shape TV some people by the daylight rest and then sit back relax and enjoy the view thank you very much and welcome again to Paris [Music] welcome we are arrived now in July and we will enjoy kosher our old days you know welcome this place is really really amazing it’s really far from the crowd is the entrance of the resort [Music] Wow this is so beautiful restaurant pretty cool [Music] so this was the welcome from the resort and now we drink our a welcome drink and we need to register for our so finally have been here back to Sullivan thank you right now we’re having a welcome and we’re checking in our room they’re bringing our bags thank you oh yeah Thank You Laura and this is welcome but you get in club so this is the best welcome ever yes you just finished our wonderful foot spa was so good and relaxing and now we’re enjoying the view in front of our room that’s really beauty of the sea and we have day beds in front of us where we can just chill and balance during the day and now we would like to show you what’s inside our room they are welcome yes let’s go we also have a hammock here they are Moka welcome home and they say welcome on the couch where we received a massage and is the god of our own wow this is so beautiful already in the frame oh my god this is nice is this a nice personal touch we’ve never had this before in other hotels over here plus they have on this morning welcome home mr.

miracle [Music] wow this is so cute our whoops haha alright let me just put that back we have strawberry mango mango and candy probably some cream with a touch of animals the animals design and then have beautiful flowers here also some pet bowls this is nice yeah very very very nice over here we also have sun protection products those bags and then also here a big wine and then over there we have fresh fruits and fresh flowers yes these really beautiful is fully stocked we have water we have chips everything we need drew nurse Dan let’s check out the battery low yes very very well stop also and then this is the shower so we’re here at the restaurant and then a big bird just walked right in beside us and it’s really really beautiful yeah you’ve never seen something like it it’s pretty cool and now we are here in the restaurant and they will have our lunch and we are thinking of what to take and they will baked pasta and pizza and I will try something of a Filipino dish so let’s try thank you [Music] poor chip in my yellow yeah [Music] [Applause] [Music] so now we are going to do snorkeling in front of our room [Music] [Music] [Music] – hello [Music] [Applause] [Music] when we got back inside our room we had this there very nice it’s a very nice surprise just coming from dinner and finding your bedroom with a bunch of balloons and everything arranged and cleaning by the housekeeping we think it’s amazing thank you so much Club Paradise fill out one [Music] because.

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