Maldives – Exploring Paradise Islands Day 2 & 3 | Travel Vlog 22

[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] so after all the snarling and enjoying our own water villa right now we are going to the lagoon restaurant that’s over there and you can see the view is pretty good and we are going to have a good lunch over there and after

the lunch I’m going to show you my water villa I’m telling you guys you will love this so just wait for it let’s go for lunch right now [Music] so we just had our lunch over here so there’s a place called moon lagoon restaurant something no the food

was okay literally but still we had our lunch over here they did they have a really strict policy of timing you have to have food and more within the time otherwise all of you be cleared out so that’s because when you’re in vacation you don’t want to add

it to timing and all anyways you can see it’s pretty big restaurant and there’s a bar also we’re here but beautiful thing you don’t come here to eat [Music] [Music] so after a very good day of snorkeling around this Paradise Island Resort the lagoon was beautiful we got

to see lot of things a lot of fishes and instead to show right in the video so we had out dinner right now in the lagoon restaurant behind me you can see that so dinner was good now what I see when I come down here after my dinner

it sharks you are I’m going to show you in the video so watch the Sharks [Music] you [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] good morning guys so this is day three as you can see I’m already ten like a roasted Brown and guy right now because the Sun has

been beating down on us and I have been injuring all my moments over here so as I told you I was staying in a superior beach villa then we shifted to this water villas and I’m going to show you the water villas as promised the water builders are

costing me something around forty forty five thousand rupees so but it’s worth it it’s worth it because I will tell you why I will show you the location you’ve seen a plane great some glimpse you have seen some glimpse of it because I have been doing snorkeling videos

that I have shown you so bye as you can see behind me these are two water Willa’s all throughout I will show you wait so pardon me so these are the water with us that we are seeing [Music] all these things are amazing this beautiful the water right

now is water level is really low but still you can see so this is where I’m staying 757 so it’s often we open the door you can see my room that I’m staying in before that here is the bathroom and you can see oh you can see me

so this is the bathroom we have two basins to mirror the shower area the toilet area and we have an opening over here through which you can go to the watch area over that so I’ll show you I’ll show you it in a bit but let’s go to

the room so you have a nice cupboard over here and you enter you have this huge bit where at least you can four of us can sleep actually but only two of us there is a minibar sort of stuff usual stuff you can work there the AC is

coming from that one TV and I didn’t touch this TV also but when you are in Maldives you don’t come here to watch TV right so pardon me guys for the best bit messy so this is a connecting room to my friend’s room they have similar similar room

but it’s useful because of the connecting room here comes a magical part as you can see this is the porch you have a bathtub over here a sitting area table see a lot of our clothes are drying out here but sun beds are there sun beds and you

is it why it is called water villa because it’s over water you can go down to the lagoon and do snorkeling and see fishes [Music] just look at the view what else do you want man the view as you can see is pretty pretty beautiful so you are

getting worried of being fun so as I told you guys our trip tamales will be broken into two pieces the first piece is total luxury where we are paying top dollars to stay in a top top top location is a private island paradise island resort we stayed one

night in superior beach villa I’ve shown you that and we stayed one night here this is the water villa I shown you that and it costs costed us around thousand bucks thousand dollars change something so it’s pretty expensive you get but I took full board where the breakfast

the lunch and the dinner is included and so I wait for two days I paid around thousands some change and dollars so I think that’s pretty luxurious for for me at least so after this we are going to mafiosi this is a public island if there in Maldives

but because as this were is not a public enhance is a private island so but that’s why they are building a resort over here so in massages there a lot of lots of guest house there is a lagoon – this is beautiful I hope I have done my

research and we are going to go there today after the shave after lunch or something and we are going to stay in a small guest house in the name of the guest house is Aurora in I’ll show you that – and for three nights I think four we’re

staying there three nights and 40 nights we are paying roughly I think around ninety dollars 9100 hundred dollars for three nights that’s it including breakfast which is a cheap cheap cheap cheap deal so for those people who want to come to Maldives and enjoy Maltese but they don’t

have the budget they can come and go to more fussy and see the lagoon and enjoys still so there is a means for everything there is something so I hope this will help you guys but if it didn’t and I’m sorry I try to I try to incorporate

whatever I experience over here and if you are more off by talking then please skip and see the beautiful Maldives [Music]

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