Paradise Island On A Budget!

[Music] hey everybody hi guys mister missus traveler here cosplay coming to you live from Nassau Bahamas yes so we’re here today on the Carnival Liberty yeah we’re joined in port by the Royal Princess and the carnival ecstasy we’re standing right in between the two I’ll give you some

footage here in a second but it’s kind of windy yes so today I’m gonna take you step by step visually visually pass them on how to get over to the free beach on Atlantis yes we’re gonna walk you all the way through we’re gonna show you the details

we’re gonna show you the people we got to show you everything now this is how you get there to it from via the water taxi yeah now you could take a regular taxi and go straight to the beach but that’s boring yeah we want to show how to

get there by water text because hey you get a free you get a boat ride out of there for not too many more for the same amount of money for the taxi for the same amount of money yeah you might not take the water you get the boat

ride and then you get to walk around Paradise Island a little bit to get to the beach and you know explore alright so we’re gonna start a journey going through the port here here at Nassau will our head spin over to the ticket booth to purchase two tickets

for the water Jackson yes we never take you through all the steps alright let’s roll let’s go [Music] okay this is the walkway from the ship and you follow it right into the port [Music] all right into the port they have maps and things for you right here

[Music] [Applause] [Music] all right so that’s it so as you come out of the port make that right you’ll see the ferry booth yes sixteen dollars roundtrip again same cost whether you do it by these taxes here what you get of Texas here we’re probably going by a

ferryboat but we prefer yes it’s more adventurous [Music] [Music] you can see where the where the ferry boats are we’re right on the other side of the ship let’s figure out which one we’re going on [Music] that’s true alright alright alright here we go [Music] Ron says Lingus

one pump it in one cycle back and forth all day and fire [Music] so this is the dock on Paradise Island side yes it’s a lot of shops here you can stop a shop where you just keep all of the Atlantis so let’s go so coming out of

the back [Music] and now we are to the main street this is where this is the bridge where the taxis will bring you across and across the street is Margaritaville here well we’re headed for the free Beach and Atlantis let’s go come across the street and then you

make a right a lot of people get confused and keep going straight down this road you don’t want to do that no you want to go that way you’ll make it right you’ll see this Warwick hotel down to the end of the corner here that’s wait that’s what

you know you’ve won the right way yep [Music] [Music] [Music] then it’s time to cross the street again you’ll notice to the Scotiabank [Music] the cars are very friendly to lacrosse [Music] on your way down to the free beach your past pad this one of our favorite restaurants

is always nice to stop either before or after the beach we like to go after the Beast or your son to cool off yes if you watched our video we got right this is the restaurant that we ate at they fed us for free because we were broke

we prefer to go to Anthony grill yeah so this is Anthony’s right here and it’s on the way Anthony’s and we’re gonna continue on up the road here and go into the Atlantis here’s a tip for you guys if you ever want to come over to the Lamas

and spend expensive time at the Atlantis but you say oh my god is so expensive you can actually spend the night at this Comfort Suites right here and you’ll get access to the waterpark at the Atlantis yes and it’s not as much as the copper Suites it’s cheaper

and you can go over to the Atlantis like I’ve seen them for like a hundred and fifty and night they typically under 100 200 hours a night and it’s right next door to Atlantis so you go to the beach and you can enjoy the waterpark yeah just fly

here let’s keep going [Music] all right we’re crossing over the street once more here’s the cup of sweets right behind us there’s Anthony’s over there for you yep here’s cup of sweet on the walk over there’s so many nice little shops and things to see spend the day

here in Nassau we’re gonna get one of the other part of our house where you want to enter into the Atlanta’s that is the coral towers Beach Tower you see the sign right here so that’s what we’re going in it let’s go all right so this is the

building we’re going in so we’re in and we’re making a [Music] [Music] [Music] what the beach tower each talent [Music] still heading towards the beach tower [Music] okay as you enter the beach tower you make a right pass the arcade and back up these doors all right exiting

the beach tower you’ll notice when you come out that the hotel Ryu is right next door and the access to the beach is located directly to the right of the Ryu so that’s what we’re headed now you just walk down the street and as you can see if

you look down in the distance there’s a ton of cabs down here this is where the cabs will drop you off for the same price but less of an adventure I think but you can take the ferry one way say you take the ferry here and then just

get one-way tickets and then when you come out you can grab a cab take a cab back so you kind of do wanna beach it might be a good idea all right you can make some friends along the way too so you can say you walk downtown between

Ryu and the free beaches right here [Music] [Music] good city that’s okay [Music] [Music] whoo I’m getting in healthcare keep on going all right hopefully you hear me otherwise let’s fill this again later yeah so here we are by the beach yes hey it was fun nice adventure

we met some new people on the way we hope you learn something today yes yep yeah I just wanted to read through this video so there was a little bit more comprehensive this time yeah all right guys [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]

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