Riu Palace Paradise Island Bahamas (Pt. 2)


Tuesday May 16 2017 I want a couple of dollars morning is bitter ah this thing the specifics [Music] what are you gonna do if Payton down there show me paint the fence that that [Music] garbage pile still there and the beach waking up to this huh sons behind the clouds doesn’t look like there’s a lot of dark clouds down there as the sound oh we’re just gonna go and have some breakfast it’s about 8:15 a.


and we have 10 a.


massage massages 10 a.


massages Tallyho I hope you enjoy the footage so far trying to do the best I can with even you the best experience possible without taking time out of my day during a paid vacation and letting you know okay everybody this is the roof this is the Michonne you know I could do one part each day ten minutes but now at this point in the juncture we’ll go home I’ll wake up Saturday I’ll put it all together I’ll see how long it is and I’ll break it up ten minute segments doesn’t matter how long it is at this point it’s still got a three days left here plus the airport here plus the ride plus the landing so at this point I don’t care how long it is short burst just like you watch the casino nice boat down there alright thanks for watching so far and hope you enjoyed my 2017 may 14th to May 19th vacation at the Riu Palace Paradise Island in BA Nassau Bahamas this is the lobby [Music] this is the other meaning big camera day today this is the elevator going down yeah this is the lobby coming off the elevator going to breakfast easy the pool is numbered oh yeah this is the bar that everybody goes to Chris it’s in the lobby is it raining oh yes now waterproof phone comes your friend [Music] that bar is open from 10:00 to 6:00 and then down low you could swim and sit right in the middle hopefully if it’s between now and when we leave it’s not raining and I could show you what it looks like with people there let’s venture off so straight ahead it’s raining it rained the first day we got here and it’s raining today yes it is what it is let me try to get you to the end of the resort here is nobody out there because it’s drizzling but you basically come on down this way and the beach is right there and property ends there and then there’s another one down there that seems to have disappeared but other than rain when it’s 80 and sunny beautiful so we’re in the lobby again to the right there is a lounge nightlife things for the kids they give you this entertainment calendar to give you adults teenagers tells you exactly what it is today is Thursday so this stretching at 10:00 beach volleyball at 11:00 which I never seen because we were down there yesterday dance crazy games that’s pretty much it live music at 8 o’clock Showtime at 9:30 it’s called a Calypso you real-estate it’s the back of the pool really really huge real estate but when we went to go check in we told demo where to be here we were here in 2012 and he said July of 2018 they’re renovating ok cool we didn’t ask any questions yesterday we’re by the pool and we over here that there may be chopping this completely down right in half right with his Bemis and adding another pool in this bar area I’m sure the plans are already drawn up being that it’s only a year away it’s just finding the right person to tell you exactly what you’re doing so I don’t think they get a lot of people in here I don’t think they get a lot of entertainment I think the entertainment is in the lobby people don’t really walk places so it’ll be good to see in a couple years if they have new pictures of what this looks like continuing our tour of the front main entrance Jewellery place of course why not go and spend money when you can spend running at home these are one of the four restaurants you have to dress up for us oh the cristão this is a sports bar it’s open 24 hours a day constant TVs drinks every single sin 2:00 in the morning you want to get a drink you could come in here and drink it’s a couple of pool tables a lot of TVs on bike in my TV whatever sports memorabilia they always have nachos but yeah nachos they put fruits and sandwiches in here throughout the day it’s a nice little bit of taste of home if you’re into sports it’s open 24 hours like I said two pool tables at the end possibly could have throughout possibly could have maybe done chose table no island essentials this is obviously why not – what’s a resort without a gift shop and all your overpriced amenities so you can bring home you know with $8.

95 shot glass that no one’s going to use then here’s the spa we went here Tuesday at 10:00 a.


we got dual massages hi how are you morning we were in this room here here’s the workout center for what it’s worth one two three four five six seven seven pieces pounds this is a market this is where you get your stuff that you forget I’m sorry it’s a dull market this is where you get your bottles of booze your cigarettes straight ahead on the headache a condoms just in case you meet somebody this is always lock it’s just the end of the parking lot that’s the start of the Atlantis and then it goes all the way that way that’s where you go and do your excursions in that little place here’s the entering a couple of the places is the stay count what time you have to be down here and this is breakfast this is another dinner spot that’s three the fourth ones inside sushi it’s called the Sir Alexander gourmet restaurant and seedings at 6:30 a couple years ago when we were first here you had to wake up in the morning at 8 o’clock wait on line put your name down then go back to bed and then you could go to dinner now you have to come down half hour before wait in line here then it’s first come first serve so I don’t know which is better tonight’s Greek night they let you know in the morning breakfast is from 7 to 10:30 launches at time and wait one yeah and then it’s supposed to be a six o’clock here six to ten and then it tells you when the bars are open and this is entering breakfast at the Atlantic whatever this is breakfast and dinner for dinner you wait on the left and the guy seats you for breakfast you just walk in and do your thing so today they have hand links multiple lakes stations multiple salad stations for all the Millennials that can eat meat while they go away and all the women that watch their weight omelet station Jesus they always have cheese’s they didn’t have salmon yet this morning or at all you know eggs cheese’s doughnuts obviously I wanted o’s different things peanut butter cookies is your french toast pancakes waffle station hard-boiled eggs poached eggs here’s your juice bar I’ll tell you what these juices are apple and cucumber you sure that tastes good use your leftover bar where they make grilled cheeses there’s your mimosa bar which is great and is your breads and toasting stations and that’s pretty much breakfast there’s a fresh fruits and prunes and pineapples and mango papaya cottage cheese there’s all your jams and this is where you sit that’s the ocean out there so this concludes the breakfast morning version walk all walk around the Riu for right now this is what I chose eat this morning a couple pieces of ham hash browns doughnut two eggs with a medley on top onions peppers guess it’s like a Pico the fongool two pieces of toast a bowl of fruit mimosa she’s made herself a sandwich she’s getting some cheese in we’re gonna sit down and this is our view all eating breakfast beautiful chenille.


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