Solo Travel to the Bahamas! Atlantis Bahamas on Paradise Island | #TravelwithRuby Ep 001

hey guys and welcome to the first video of my travel series called travel with rubies this is a spinoff off of my life with Ruby after college graduation series and for our first location we’re going to be heading to the beautiful Bahamas and staying at the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island I have an amazing love for learning about different cultures so this is going to be a documentary-style vlog where I show you guys the cultures of the Bahamas through different places that go and the amazing foods I eat I spend a lot of time filming beautiful shots and editing this blog so that you guys would love it and even be able to learn a thing or two I even got a drone to get some amazing footage it’s gonna be a very active first few days in the Bahamas so I hope you guys like comment and subscribe and I’ll see you guys on the other side [Music] [Music] so I decided to take myself on my second solo trip to the Bahamas for our graduation get to myself this one was a little bit different I did end up meeting one of my friends out there we met a couple of months ago on my first solo trips at Columbia and we decided to link up in the bomb this is her native country so she showed me around and stuff like that it was a lot of fun [Music] I ended up staying at Atlantis on Paradise Island you guys this hotel is gorgeous I’m going to show you guys all the clips that I took so if you guys weren’t unaware that Atlantis Resorts has multiple different towers to choose from based on your budget and amenities there are family towers they’re kid-friendly towers I personally stayed at the Royal towers I feel like it’s a great in-between option however there are there’s the cove which is I believe the most expensive one and then I believe their world Towers is right underneath that there then there’s a wreath and beach towers which are like the family-friendly ones because this resort is so huge the tower that you stay in is very essential to your stay I did a lot of research before picking the Royal towers I like this one because it is kind of like the center between everything when you think of Atlantis this is kind of the view that you’re thinking of the entrances to the other towers are a little bit different this one has the gold on the ceiling and has the aquarium down below it’s a walking distance to basically everything and the Aqua debenture is super post as well alright so that’s enough V row for now but make sure you guys give this a thumbs up I put so much effort into editing this blog let me know if you guys like it down below everything but I’m currently in the Bahamas right now I graduated two days ago I had a graduation party yesterday and today I am at the Bahamas so yeah let me introduce you to my friend Cora Cora sand on my blog you have to go on this side so that as the lighting is on I’m here what Cora we met when I got my teeth than you but introduce yourself I’m Cora do the rules oh my god this is this is not this is not that’s who I am that’s why I ran over our age in Rome vacation [Music] [Music] straw market we decided to go to get some sky so after we got our sky juice we decided to go to this little restaurant called grade club restaurant it actually has a hotel inside too which is pretty cool but here I decided to order the own snap snapper and it was so good you guys we’re about to go out tonight of course in the bathroom getting ready I’m just wearing this romper from fashion ova this is my wife’s all bag and then I’m wearing these shoes from Eagle official morning guys so today is day two in the Bahamas I’m so excited yesterday we went out to the club and it was it was okay [Music] [Music] [Music] it wasn’t like a New York club obviously but how bomb my makeup looks today my hair looks bomb this is exotic curly hair from my collection this is like perfect for this is perfect for as for vacation exotic curly from lapis links but yeah we’re looking for what we’re gonna do today my friend leaves tomorrow and I’m going to figure out what I’m gonna do with the rest of time here I actually like to like relax and stuff like that on my vacations and I just want to find like some touristy things to do tomorrow I have a couple of subscribers that are out here I told them to do me and maybe we can let go up for lunch or something like this so we’ll see what happens with that but we are actually leaving our rooms today because it was just a lot going on but we’re more rooms because we came back and the doors and we were just freaked out so we’re moving rooms today oh look at my okay says yeah what yeah you look good she got the green suit on you on YouTube what this is yeah I’m vlogging this is this is going on I’m vlogging right now then I’m gonna edit the video so we traveled together well we didn’t travel together we met we met in Colombia when I want to get my teeth done I have to do an update video on my teeth I promise you guys I’ll do like a three month update but um but one of my subscribers said that she saw Cory yesterday at surprise the restaurant thought the neck brace right okay okay how are keep so thank you [Music] alright let me put put happy Sunday so this is what the hotel looks like it is huge in here literally huge we have a little library this is the like Lobby this freakin huge I still wear in we’re in our second room it looks pretty similar bed wise but look at our view Wow [Music] we need to go alright I’m going to put the flowers and so my sisters being bartender today so we got pineapple juice that’s B yet oh my gosh is this for you can you stop I’m not gonna OD so the coconut rum is good though is if Murano is coconut rum it’s amazing you can actually drink this straight because it’s really sweet yeah like literally the rum and she gave me a shot and it tasted like Kent like like we candy you had sky views yesterday yeah and it’s guys I had scratches oh yeah blah blah guys guy juice yesterday it was really good but it had me feeling crazy we bought it 15 yeah I be feeling nice so I fell asleep but Cheers yeah happy happy Sunday bomb Youzhny nice we’re gonna break it down this way don’t die you’re crazy [Music] if you step out here [Music] this is my girl booty nice to meet you all right you guys so we’re currently at the marina it is the marina right this marina very importantly at Marina Village for some reason I’m not getting any sick though period we’re just waiting right now we ordered food already and we’re probably gonna try and come back well my friend Cora is leaving me tomorrow okay so I’m here with Shawn if you guys are in the Bahamas and you guys need a boat a plane anything I’m gonna put all this information description right down below so you want to say hi to the vlog hi everyone yeah my name is Joe you need a boat any size or an aircraft in the Bahamas best base which are you good I’ll show you guys everything he has well not everything but these are some some nice ones we’re going on the boats tomorrow I’m so excited we have so much to do today so tomorrow will be the boat day yeah so all right so we’re now at the beach bars we’re coming to the point once today so this Beach bar is the best known for their burgers apparently they’re the best burgers on the entire Atlantic so I’m super excited to try it today [Music] so at the beach bar itis that is child conch fritters for the first time and when I tell you guys it is so good it is so good it is one of the staple native dishes out there in the Bahamas it is made with conch which is a very popular shellfish out there on the conch is cut up and then deep-fried with a batter and spices I like that it’s deep-fried but it’s not heavy or oily at the same time and then it is paired with Calypso sauce so the actual conch fritter is very savory and a little spicy but when you pair with Calypso sauce they complement each other very very well you guys the food was so good I forgot to even tell you guys what it tasted like but it basically tastes like I think tastes like very spicy like crab cakes almost but it is really really good I highly recommend you guys try it if you guys were the Bombers and these burgers No oh my gosh I’m ending this vlog and my mouth is watering it was the best burger I’ve ever had I highly recommend you guys child beach bar for their burgers fries and conch fritters it was amazing [Music] so after our amazing lunch we decided to go to aqua adventure which is the waterpark on Atlantis resorts there was so much fun [Music] so we are going to a little Twilight show we just changed our outfits I’m wearing this like I don’t know what’s called like a sundress as a thing I mean so is Korra [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] hey not right that only in the Bahamas so after the show I decided to order fresh conch salad on is basically uncooked conch cut up with onions tomatoes green peppers and cilantro it’s basically a pico de gallo with like punk seafood inside it’s definitely an acquired taste so I’ll give this like an 8 out of 10 so after the twilights show we ended up just going back to the hotel lobby which wasn’t too far because the Twilight show is on our resort as well and we just hung out there you went to a bar and we were just chilling with some friends me me [Music] [Applause] [Music] I hey guys good morning it is day three in Atlantis let me show you guys the view as usual I’m on the 20th for you guys and literally this view is amazing I’m going to try and show you guys around today of all the things that is basically going on but down there they have the Dolphins this one with the dolphins you guys can see the basketball courts over there over there is just like a regular like pool for like swimming there’s like four different lanes over here is the huge wade pool it goes all the way around and goes all the way around as you guys can see I was in it yesterday there is so much to do on this there’s just so much to do on this resort you guys there’s like the kids area over there all the way back there’s just another pool my brain court actually did leave today so I’m going to be in the hotel for two more days I’m is it two more days three more days by myself I’m all today all tomorrow and then I’m leaving on Wednesday so I’m going to basically take you guys along with me it couldn’t be kind of easier to vlog now because I’m just gonna be by myself I don’t have anybody else to talk to besides the vlog and I’m very excited to actually because I’m really interested in doing solo travel because when I’m on vacation I love just being able to relax and not have anything to think about I like being on my own time when I’m on vacation if that makes sense so I don’t like being rushed to do anything or anything like that so I’m super excited for these next couple of days I’m gonna tell you guys more tomorrow I’m gonna be having a lot of fun I’m going to be going on five different islands I love love love excursions you guys I’m going on a five island excursion tomorrow with Pieces of Eight it’s gonna leave super early in the morning at 7:10 I have to be at the lobby to go so I just want to make sure that have everything together before then but for now I’m just gonna go out and see what there is to do today well I feel like this is this hotel you guys is amazing there are so many things to do literally there’s a paper think of us there’s a paper that they give us every day of all the different things that’s going on and literally it changes every day so this is Monday’s today’s May 27th so it tells you sunrises at 6:21 a.


sunset is 10:51 p.


so just lets you know like the important stuff for the day and all the things that are available so there are a whole bunch of different restaurants it gives you all of the dining options you guys for breakfast lunch and dinner it tells you all the activities on the side here yesterday I did go to Showtime at the pink flamingo I couldn’t put it on my blog because they didn’t they didn’t allow cameras but I did put it on my story and then this is the app this is basically like a newspaper type of thing and then it gives you like other things to do like kids and family sports and fitness Marines adults and all this stuff over here so yeah I’m really excited about this I want to get dressed right now and see what I’m going to do I actually didn’t get a lot of pictures while Cora was here so I’m going to bring my camera around and see if I can get pictures from like strangers I did set up like my camera earlier today and I took a picture by myself it came out pretty good I’m gonna post the later today I haven’t posted one picture since I’ve been here and I definitely need to do better so hopefully today is a good picture day tomorrow is definitely gonna be a good picture name so so I’m excited about that but let’s get dressed you guys I brought so many swimsuits I wore through them already I have one of them wants to wear tomorrow because I want to wear black tomorrow today I’m gonna probably wear like a colorful one and yeah I’m super excited you guys for today I don’t know I’m just ready to just relax and just have fun so yeah take three of the Bahamas is starting now alright guys so this is my bathing suit for today so this is actually like a cover-up but I’m going to use this top as like a swimming soup top and then I just put some bottoms underneath because I didn’t really have like it’s a swimsuit cover-up but I can’t really cover up a swimsuit with this cuz just like a lot going on so this is my outfit for today and if you guys are wondering um I didn’t mention this in this vlog yet but this here from my cup collection this is exotic curly here this is looking the best here ever for been getting so many questions itself like that about my hair this is the exotic curly hair all I do is wet it that’s it nothing I don’t put any leaving commissioner anything and it’s just so beautiful you guys and it’s soup like one thing about the hair on my company you guys problem I company is that it’s really really cheap so you guys can get this here for I forget how much but this is a full wig like you don’t have to do anything you just buy it and play it on so yeah this is what my hair looks like today so this is what my look is going for today I’m gonna actually bring my bathing suit from yesterday as well as it comes I didn’t get a picture net and I really want to get a picture in it so yeah that’s what we’re doing today guys my makeup looks so good this is like I’m so excited you guys [Music] alright guys so we’re going on this editor I was super excited to see we’re going to do today [Music] alright guys so I don’t know where I’m walking towards but I’m walking there’s so many people here so many things to do I’m trying to get towards like schools area and just relax a little bit sit by the pool are you guys so this is the full map of that lands of the aqua adventure so these are all the things to do oh these are all the things so there are all these dining areas and then these are the pools and the oxygen to think abandon so you just want to take pictures let me get the lamp here so we’ll see you can take my picture [Music] say I’m eating conch fritters I had this yesterday mrs.

bohemian food it’s really good though I love it so after my lunch I decided to go to the dig which is the aquarium located at Atlantis Bahamas this hotel is the home of the largest open-air marine habitat an aquarium in the world it has 14 different lagoons 8 million gallons of ocean water and 50, 000 50, 000 aquatic animals that is crazy this is where the beautiful you guys like literally everything about this hotel is just amazing so if you don’t decide to stay at Atlantis you are able to still go to the aquarium or I’m going to aqua adventures there are day passes available for the different amenities at the hotel which is pretty cool so you are able to have the Atlantis experience without having to pay for the whole promise or price which is pretty cool but that basically it for this part of the vlog I hope you guys enjoy next blog view leg is gonna be super cool I’m going to be going on a 5 island adventure come and Exuma islands at the Bahamas and it’s gonna be super cool I’m gonna be swimming with Dolph I’m not going to sharks I wouldn’t be going to the pic Island feeding iguanas it’s gonna be really really cool so make sure you guys check out my next vlog coming very very soon and I hope you guys enjoyed this you guys I put in a lot of efforts editing and literally like a week of editing went into this blog and it took me a lot of time to film I had to learn how to use a drill and it was it was a lot but I hope you guys enjoyed this blog I’ll see you guys in my next one please don’t forget to Like and subscribe visit my website shop live with a friend calm lavish swings cocom and lavish rubicon and follow me on social media [Music].

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