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hi guys recently I took a trip to Maldives and I have blogged my entire experience for you guys so let’s go ahead and watch the video [Music] we poured that is gonna take us we have tain in Paradise Island Resort and Spa and it is at a distance

of 25 minutes from speedboat from the male airport you like it the entire island has been converted into a resort and it is beautiful look at those right stands and the crystal-clear water [Music] [Music] let me give you guys a room tour so we were staying at his

superior beach villa and it was a beautiful very large room [Music] that are so close and this is our bed look who’s relaxing this is the bathroom it was white pig and the moment I opened the door from a villa look at the view the beach is just

outside there are values to relax and this is our bathroom this is the best part of the resort an open-air bathtub [Music] the field [Applause] [Music] the resort sobs one of the largest breakfast spreads I have ever eaten [Music] to offer and the vendor is not be clear

there are no clouds any day and it isn’t a windy so we have our entire day planned we had a scrumptious breakfast it was a huge spread and then he had drinks we went for snorkeling that was an amazing activity I saw so many fishes briefed on the

water and it was the first time that I was talkin and trust me it was just amazing I’m going for the relaxing spa I will try and shoot something over there and it is a two hour spa which has proper body massage using coconut oil and then there

will be a chocolate back and then maybe a horrible flowerpot so I let you know how it was but now I am just going to enjoy it so we have come to the ramen spa [Music] [Music] and you look like you [Music] [Music] besides us for nothing or

the oil for an eye with melted dark chocolate so I asked lady how it is helpful and she told me that touch chocolate helps in giving your skin a glow and it makes it totally smooth and trust me right now I cannot get my hands off myself I

am feeling so fresh and my skin is literally so soft it was a must experience and later on we even had a horrible flower bath with jasmine flowers all over in it it was just beautiful good morning guys today is a 3rd day of my trip and we

have plans to go to the Mali city today we will be going through a cruiser with there directly from our island so it is always suggested to dress a little appropriately for the city and since I’m wearing a jeans on top and I am also carrying a scarf

with myself so I’ll take you through with me to with Maya city this is the place from where one can go snorkeling so you can see the portrait of sufficient small fishes everywhere [Music] [Music] we have come to the famous fish market of Somali City Science Group news

network on the world over [Music] we wanted to shop for some souvenirs but you are damn expensive [Music] so we have our Maggi treat each other pollutants some Pringles [Music] [Music] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] thank you I got a free coconut that’s very difficult to find anything free on

this island but I am lucky but it will be a task to open it so let’s see how they can do it good morning guys today is day 4 of a trip in Maldives and I need to show you the [Music] so beautiful and so come here the

water is totally blue in color and crystal-clear so today we are planning to have our breakfast and then we will be renting some bicycles and we are planning to explore the island we’ll go towards the remote ends of the island and see what we have over there and

then maybe we’ll do some smuggling snorkeling was really fun that day and I want to do it again and then we plan to play some sports so maybe we’ll play badminton or basketball so let’s see how today goes we really want to take our bicycles and explore that

end of the island we have still not gone there and we want to see what do we have [Music] [Music] during the night some stingrays and some baby sharks come to the shore and I’ve tried to feed a stingray [Music] [Music] or anywhere you guys like my vlog

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