Welcome Nassau Paradise Island!

everything is a Nassau sunshine see it’s endless what you can see here there’s a lot to offer in there so there’s a lot of little historical sites take a tour of the island and see it or you can just relax on the beach you do a buddy of

yours a copy there are gems all through you just got to know where to go to find them because they’re right there we want people to experience the Bahamas that we know we offer a wide range of excursions and one of our most popular is located just to

the northeast here of Nassau at Rose Island it’s about a 15 minute boat ride but you feel like you’re on your own private island on the family Island in the Bahamas and we get to actually weave through the islands for the day and you get to see each

Island up close and personal it gives you a really intimate experience with the islands here at store cool we offer scuba diving snorkeling sub trips also resort for beginner divers you name it to do with scuba diving we have it right here one of the most favorite things

for people to do is the wall dives it’s like you’re just floating into the abyss and just cruising along it’s one of the most exciting things you can do here at start code you can see a lot of tropical fishes we have a number of shipwrecks even some

movie sites it’s endless what you can see here it’s like to come to the festival place and you’ve got to check out all these native work we have a wide variety of products come from straw some strong five of different combinations but all handcrafted and all that made

right here in the Bahamas one of the things that is popular at my sand is the children’s on by the ones that it’s made with the little colored ribbons around it people who come back and say I’m still wearing divine I got a few two years ago and

I’m still loving it so I thought people come up time and time again that really makes me feel good yeah a dolphin the consul’s offer the experience about the dolphin interaction sea lion interaction and also across the other side there’s Blue Lagoon you can just spend the day

with the dolphins or you can come across and just spend the day on the beach and relax all in one most popular activity is Singapore would be the dolphin program because it’s so interactive we will love the Dolphins experience itself is just wonderful Blue Lagoon offers the opportunity

of spending the entire day on the beach there’s a full bar you have the grill with surfs hamburgers and hot dogs another assortment and also you have water park dolphins experience Sun sang see you’re at Pirates of Nassau it’s a fine museum dedicated to time of pirates Nassau

was a major haven for pirates I’m sure if you’re drawn to history this is the place for history in regards to pirates you got two ships you go aboard you feel how the lower decks are see just not like that see was the feel is she swore on

the ground at two racks on the table there’s a gallery of pirates you can read about each pirates see how they lived and died every display is made specifically and tapered according to each one of those specific pirates and you will be drawn into each one of these

displays Bahamas was known for its piracy so there’s a lot of pirates influenced great cliff was built by a pirate you want good food good cuisine good service good wine fools yes good wood Ella oh you got the great cliff I don’t think there is an award that

we haven’t won for our cigars great cliff is not not just a brand it’s a lot of lifestyle and this is what you’ll get when you come to great cliff and Nestle for restaurants I would come to our ort when you go there you can really experience the

best of Bahamian cuisine and even though there’s so many different restaurants it is almost as if each of them have their own identity you can get all bohemian dishes a wide variety of seafood you name it they can prepare it for you it’s a must at you sampled

the comforters the come solid fry fish you get the crack lobster all assortments of seafood but for drinks you got to try the sky juice excellent also to go touch the sky just go and experience the best of Nassau don’t be afraid to just venture out you have

to see the entire thing it’s about experience allow us to let you truly discover the real Bahamas this is an amazing place

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